First: The Backstory

I am a 30-year-old female who can fall asleep while doing nearly anything. I actively noticed a decline in how awake I felt during the day around July 2018. In reality, it had likely been happening since around 2014, if not earlier like in high school. I always attributed my fatigue to stress, side effects of medications, depression, fluorescent lighting in office spaces… all of the normal factors that adults attribute or blame for being tired. Even back then, I would have to drink 4 cups of coffee just to try to function. At times, I would combine an energy drink, coffee, tea, and soda in a day and still fall asleep at 6 pm.

Photo by Jasmin Chew on Unsplash

In August 2018 I left a stressful and emotionally taxing job to attend school full time. My goal was to get a certificate in medical coding, creating a new career path for myself that would be less stressful and in the end, would be better off financially. I found in my previous job that researching medical conditions was interesting to me. I thought Medical Coding was a great way to be close to the medicine, which I found interesting, without having to deal with my fear of blood.

I started taking classes that changed my stress but did not reduce it. Without having a job to wake up to every day, and not be a morning person, I would sleep until 10 am every day and fall asleep around 2 am. Even with sleeping an average of 8 hours every night, my sleep app told me that I wasn’t getting very restful sleep. I would be trying to study medical terminology and fall asleep on my books. I would be watching a movie with the boyfriend on the couch, and fall asleep. I told myself it was because I wasn’t working, stress, and that studying was boring.

I dismissed my fatigue for a few months until I got so tired I slept 20 hours for 2 days in a row. I then realized just how bad my fatigue was getting. I did some googling/research to try and find some answers or solutions on my own. Since I was becoming familiar with some medicine and terms because of my schooling, I was able to understand and read medical journals and studies to narrow down the possible problems. For the average person, it is always good practice to NOT do this as there were a few times I thought “I have a tumor”, but desperate times…

I am still trying to find the answers as to what I have and the cause of my symptoms. My excessive daytime sleepiness, some stomach issues, and low libido (to name a few) are somethings that I don’t feel is “normal” and I’d like to find answers for.

After struggling to find a diagnosis for a year plus, I thought it might be helpful to others to hear about my story and the struggle involved. Maybe through my story, you can find a way to get a doctor to hear you or find an answer you may not have even been looking for, or through my information and sources find out what you or a loved one might have.

**I am not a medical doctor by any means, and even though this blog/journal may assist you, it is not intended to diagnose or suggest treatment. Any tests, forms of treatment, or diagnosis should be done or advised by a medical professional. This is about MY experiences, opinions, and stats related to me. Names (including my own) are changed to protect everyone involved. Any information I reference I will do my best to include sources and links so you can read more if you choose. To the best of my ability I try to find information that is credible or found in multiple trustworthy places.

Published by Anna Smith

Anna Smith is not my real name, and I am hoping to provide some sources, information, and explanations to others that I struggle to find and understand.

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