Excuse me while I scream and cry

It took 2 weeks to get my results back from the sleep clinic, but I got them. I do not have narcolepsy and my average sleep latency (how long it took me to fall asleep) was 13+ min so I do not fall within the idiopathic hypersomnia diagnostic criteria. What does this mean? Back toContinue reading “Excuse me while I scream and cry”

To Do: Sleep Study – DONE

A few nights ago I officially had my sleep study and the results are pending. I should find out next week what the results are. Even though the nurse wasn’t supposed to tell me, because she liked me I guess, she told me I didn’t have sleep apnea (duh!). But it was nice to hearContinue reading “To Do: Sleep Study – DONE”

My Gut Says There is Something Wrong

I have off and on gastric issues, mostly nausea and seemingly random abdominal discomfort. I will walk through my symptoms, what I tried, and what finally worked. 80% of this was done without help from a physician because I found my PCPs to be useless and completely unhelpful about my gastric issues. I started havingContinue reading “My Gut Says There is Something Wrong”

More on Idiopathic Hypersomnia

I know I have mentioned Idiopathic Hypersomnia in previous posts, but I wanted to expand more on it in a single post and provide more details. In my opinion, even medical personnel are unfamiliar with this concept because it is so new. I thought putting the information in one location might help others the wayContinue reading “More on Idiopathic Hypersomnia”

Is it my Thyroid?

I’m comparing the past 3 years of annual blood tests to try and find a hint or connection for my extreme fatigue. My thyroid levels have been wacky, and some other results are barely within the norm for someone as young and “healthy” as me. Other numbers have been slightly decreasing and others increasing overContinue reading “Is it my Thyroid?”