Excuse me while I scream and cry

It took 2 weeks to get my results back from the sleep clinic, but I got them. I do not have narcolepsy and my average sleep latency (how long it took me to fall asleep) was 13+ min so I do not fall within the idiopathic hypersomnia diagnostic criteria. What does this mean? Back toContinue reading “Excuse me while I scream and cry”

To Do: Sleep Study – DONE

A few nights ago I officially had my sleep study and the results are pending. I should find out next week what the results are. Even though the nurse wasn’t supposed to tell me, because she liked me I guess, she told me I didn’t have sleep apnea (duh!). But it was nice to hearContinue reading “To Do: Sleep Study – DONE”

A minor upside to the pandemic

I could give many reasons why my updates have been delayed such as the pandemic depression hit and finding the energy to type this up and research whatever the **** I have is just too draining. Or, I started a new/old job so I’ve been solely focused on that. However, the reality is while allContinue reading “A minor upside to the pandemic”

Scheduling Apointments – Oh Joy

My next goal is to explore my other options and continue my research, trying to find ways of treating myself at home, or trying new methods of approaching doctors. I have reached out to a sleep clinic nearby, hoping to get a suggestion or even a lead to which avenue I should take next. I’veContinue reading “Scheduling Apointments – Oh Joy”

Fourth: Change of Scene Brings Hope?

In January 2020, we successfully moved. I picked an apartment that carried the least amount of stressors (2nd floor, easy parking, no lawn care, enough space for us to not drive each other crazy, etc) and had a lot of natural light. For the first few months, we barely had to turn on heat andContinue reading “Fourth: Change of Scene Brings Hope?”

Second: Reaching Out

The list of conditions that I had narrowed it down to was: hypothyroid disorder, abnormal estrogen/testosterone levels (or levels that weren’t right for me), chronic fatigue syndrome, narcolepsy, circadian rhythm disorder, depression, etc. So many conditions could be possible, but all of them needed to be diagnosed by a medical professional. I contacted my PCPContinue reading “Second: Reaching Out”